The Second Chance Booth

Ok here is one that has doubtlessly been thought of and wished for by millions of pregnant teenage girls, drunk drivers, and most miscreants in general.

The Second Chance Booth

How many of us have sat in the back of a police cruiser, filled with remorse over whatever crime (inadvertent or otherwise) that we’ve been apprehended for, praying for a miracle that would undo that last few hours of our poor decision making skills.

The Second Chance Booth (SCB) Gives the user 1 opportunity every 7 years to rewind up to 3 days of their lives for the opportunity to make a better decision.

The Process

As this decision impacts a great many people, it would have to be approved by a qualified panel of brilliant experts who would include: an astrophysicist, an ethics professor, and a temporal judge. Each panel member would review the case and provide their decisions individually, and later within a quorum to decide if the applicant qualifies for a second chance.

At the time of detainment every citizen is marandized with the standard legal disclaimer of “you have the right to remain silent etc.” but it now also includes “If you are eligible for a temporal second chance, please inform the arresting officer immediately so that you may be quarantined from human contact until a temporal judge reviews your case.”

It is always best to enter the SCB with a minimum of human interaction so that you do not interfere with their time line. The more interaction one has with people the more intrusive the impact of rewinding time is to the rest of the world. Because the SCB is nothing more than a well controlled time machine, it is critical that the person is isolated from the general population so as not to create a paradox.

The Rules

At the age of 18 all children are given a subcutaneous Second Chance Beacon which is provided after a 3 month compulsory training course. When activated, this beacon will:

  1. Alert those around you that you have activated your SC Beacon, and not to interact with you in any way
  2. Notify the Temporal Authorities to detain and isolate you until the Judge has an opportunity to review your case.
  3. Release a powerful truth serum into your bloodstream so that the authorities can accurately report the reason why you need to roll back your time to a previous moment.

The beacon is replaced after each use and should be replaced every 14 years regardless.

The Booth

The Booth itself is fairly nondescript, a small closet sized room about 6′ x 8′ with an easy chair located in the middle of it. The interior has wallpaper with a vertical gradient going from navy blue to white. There are no windows, and the door has no interior handle.

Because the trip backwards typically causes stress to most users, the chair emits pure oxygen which gives the citizen a feeling of temporary euphoria. Before every Second Chance episode, the citizen is given a brief list of things not to do:

  1. Upon your return it is not advisable to mention what has transpired in the alternate reality, as it will confuse others and possibly cause them unnecessary anxiety.
  2. Do not – under any circumstances – attempt to capitalize on your knowledge of the future i.e. gambling. Winning a lottery with knowledge of the future equates to 1st degree robbery, and you will be prosecuted with an expected penalty of 15 years in a temporal stasis field

The Second Chance Process creates a divergent path of time, on one path there is what you would have done without activating the SCB, the other path leads to this moment where you are now (an entirely new path). Due to possible overlaps in time as well as creating a paradox by re-encountering your alternate self, you will be isolated for a period of 1 hour past the point of time of divergence whereupon you will be returned to the location of beacon activation. From there you are free to go on your way, hopefully with care and knowledge that will stave you off for the next 7 years.

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Mr. Black

~ by fblack2 on June 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Second Chance Booth”

  1. Cool Idea. I could certainly use that second chance. You’ve got most of the bases covered too. You really put some thought into this concept – it could be easily diagramed on a process chart. Would it only apply to arrests, or would it apply to anthing we deem as detrimental to our future?

  2. I’m really enjoying reading your blog!!! Do I have permission to use these ideas in any stories I may at some point in my life write????

  3. hello there

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