A New Presidental Election Process

New Presidential Election Process

Concept by Mr. Black II 12/2005

As a citizen of the United States of America, I think it is important to have only the most qualified, intelligent, and level-headed leaders we can possibly find to represent our country.

I feel that it is also universally agreed upon that our leaders should truly represent the best that America has to offer, especially in terms of knowledge, wisdom, integrity, and diplomacy.

Our process of electing leaders is antiquated. We elect our officials strictly on the basis of their history, their beliefs, their rhetoric, and most of all how much money they spend to get elected.

Imagine corporations hiring their leaders based on these simple, easily modifiable standards of quality. How easy would it be for the average unqualified “Joe” with minimal skills to cajole his or her way into a highly lucrative position that will affect millions for as long as 8 years?

Fortunately, the majority of our financial infrastructures have multi-layered, in-depth interview standards that are designed to filter out unqualified applicants, leaving only the best to vie for that position.

This is my proposal for a new election model.

I propose a reform in our current election methodology, in favor of a multi-tiered testing and election process.

The testing is available to every US citizen over the age of 35 with a clean record.

It is based upon the SAT standard of mass testing, where there will be multiple testing centers throughout the country. A registration fee of between $500 and $1000, is required to take the test (tax deductible). The test will be based upon the following categories:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Government (US & World)
  3. History (US & World)
  4. Global Business & Economy
  5. Ethics (Business and Character)
  6. Human Rights
  7. Civil Rights
  8. Foreign Language (of their choosing)
  9. Law (Domestic and International)

10. Diplomacy

These tests would be geared for a college level applicant, and would be split over the course of two days. To avoid cheating, each persons test would be randomly generated with varying question structures and combinations in each of the subjects covered. Applicant tests are tracked by their social security numbers.

It will be independently run by a national testing service. The top 10% of the applicants move to the next stage of testing. Which includes:

  1. Lie detection testing
  2. In-depth background searches
  3. Drug testing
  4. Character/Psychological evaluations

The top 2% will be interviewed by national news reporters (representing the people), college professors and two former Presidents from previous administrations (1 from each political party) each applicant will be interviewed privately, and then before a group forum.

The field is then reduced to the top 5 applicants from each party, based on interview performance. If only one party qualifies (i.e. 15 republicans) there will be a secondary testing date scheduled for those in the unrepresented parties until there are 5 candidates in each party.

The remaining candidates will then be allotted $10 million dollars each for their campaign advertising. No other service or financial contribution is allowed. They will campaign alone for the first month; they will have 2 intra-party debates and 2 extra-party debates during the 2nd month. All debates will be government sponsored and televised for all to see.

During the third month primary elections will take place, This will decide who will become presidential candidate for each party.

From there each candidate will receive another $10 million and will follow the primary schedule of campaigning alone for the first month and debating 4 times in the next month. The following month, the election will take place and a winner will be decided. Although this is not a requirement, it is advisable that the candidates take the second runner up from their party as their running mate.

At the end of the process, we should have the most qualified candidate for the most important job in this country. A well read, intelligent, level headed, charismatic leader with a conscious vision of the future, and a clear understanding of the past. A leader who has the foundation, and the confidence of the people to lead the country. This is the president of the United States.

I think this is a much cheaper and streamlined way of electing our presidents.

Thoughts? Comments?

~ by fblack2 on May 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “A New Presidental Election Process”

  1. Maybe Clayland should implement your new form of governing.

  2. Okay…this is the daggonest coolest concept EVER!!!
    I am always fascinated by the fact that those in power rarely ever do anything to earn it. I had to take multiple tests to get my job, why don’t they have to?

    Please post this somewhere where everyone can see it…I just happend to stumble on your blog and would have never found your thoughts.
    Keep Writing

  3. […]  P.S. If you would like to see a great blog created by a very intelegant man check this guy out he has a great concept for the Presidential election process […]

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