Hello World, And Welcome to 7 More Days!


I am Mr. Black, and this blog is dedicated to the simple concept of what if God had taken 7 more days in the creation of our world.

I am not someone you’d consider to be a religious man, but according to the church, I am officially Catholic. I enjoy speaking about theology from a very logical perspective. So if you’d like to contribute to my comments area, please know that I will not speak ill of your beliefs, just don’t try imposing your beliefs upon me.

I understand that some devout readers will disagree with my views, but I know that regardless of whatever Deity you believe in, we can both agree that he/she/it didn’t want his/her/thats’ best creation becoming mindless unquestioning zombies.

I am a real guy, and I can speak eloquently when I’m inspired, but I also have a sharp tongue that has been known to slash a politically correct word or two. So be warned.

That’s my disclaimer …

OK, So let’s imagine for a moment that God created all we know in the world, and pretty much everything we’ve still yet to discover. Now let’s take that concept further – When God looked around on Saturday morning and saw what He’d done, I bet He was pretty proud of himself.

From any vantage point you take, the universe is pretty freakin’ cool. But could it have been made better? I mean, like an “Everything 2.0” or a universal patch that includes a bunch of extra new features, like more storage, less radiation, breathable air in space, stuff like that.

The whole purpose of this site is to think about Everything, and how it could be made better. Basically we need to think of all the stuff God would’ve done with 7 extras days at his disposal, and then do our best to make it happen.

Sounds dreamy eh? Blissfully, ridiculously, absurdly dreamy. But let’s be clear – It is a dream. We are simply (in my opinion) not good enough as a species to do anything more than make intelligent observations about what we’d like to see in “Everything 2.0” the actual implementation of doing it will have to wait until we’re extinct, and the next contestants come on the scene.

Now, roll forward 6 – 8000 years later to Present day – 2008

Everything is still pretty good. Galaxies are doing their thing, cosmos still expanding. And as far as we know life on other worlds is pretty content too.

Earth is another story. We will therefore focus on what we could actually change with a smidgen of human solidarity.

Allow me to start with something completely irrelevant to what everyone in the civilized world is talking about i.e. Global Warming.

If God had taken 7 more days He could have:

Preloaded us with a good deal more common sense than we’re born with. I mean I have two kids and imbuing them with common sense is a full time job, I could save a lot of breath and worry if they knew from the get-go not to play with fire, run into the street, talk to strangers etc…

I firmly believe that there would be fewer people on this earth if only common sense were a genetic trait. In fact most stupid people are just lacking a decent load of common sense.

We can start working on a vaccine for this.

That is my first recommendation for Everything 2.0


Mr. Black

~ by fblack2 on January 21, 2008.

One Response to “Hello World, And Welcome to 7 More Days!”

  1. Hello Mr. Black

    I would just like to say that your Blog is an exceptional concept. How many of us wonder the possibilities of what if? Usually a person looks at the what if
    in a smaller scope, then a person who looks at it in the form of a Deity. I found your blog delightful, humorous and well written.

    I’m Not just saying that because I’m

    Mrs. Black

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